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Terrarium – There are many ways to bring a fresh atmosphere in the room, one of which is to put some ornamental plants. However, for some people it can not be done, because many of them do not have a place large enough to put the ornamental plants.


It might be expected, since not everyone has a large area of ​​the room. However, even so, we still can scar the creation of ornamental plants with unique packaging and do not take up much space in the house.

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How?? There is one way which is usually called Terrarium. What is it?? That is how to grow plants in a glass container. The way is almost similar like showing off the beauty of the aquarium that serves a variety of fish, terrarium also displaying one or more plants are arranged pretty wonderful in it.

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Terrarium or vivarium is medium or containers made of glass or transparent plastic containing plants, which cater for a variety of needs, such as for research, methods of planting and decorating. Terrarium is a miniature garden in a greenhouse. Many who love the terrarium because of its unique and fresh look. Terrarium can be used as a complement to your interior design.

Terrarium - Unique Park Model Homes

Plants that you can choose to be planted in the terrarium as devil’s ivy, fittonia, small-leaved English ivy, sweet Japaneese flag, prayer plant, stripped-inch plant. You need to remember, the plant grows long, so you have to be patient. In addition, plants such as Calathea, Chineese evergreen, maidenhair fern, small leaved philodendron, and palm. This plant can you make as a central plant.

If you are interested in creating a terrarium for interior decoration, here’s how you can do:

– Place the moss in the very near glass
– Add coral or coral.
– Add soil until the third container.
– Place the highest plant first. If you want to add decorations such non-plants, dolls, doll placement should be done before entering the small plants.
– Avoid filling the container too full.
– Lastly, moss can be added around the plants.
– The next three or four days after planting, cover the container with a lid or with plastic.
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Well, how? Interesting is not it? With the way the current terrarium you can easily have the plants to decorate and beautify your home interior design. That Terrarium – Unique Park Model Homes may be the inspiration and ideas for your interior design. see also minimalist-id collection. such as Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas may be useful.

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